1B Classroom Handbook

Class Policies and Information

Our Theme Verse for this year

Our school theme verse this year is John 1:14 

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.


We know that everyone gets sick sometimes!  To report a child's absence, use the link on the main CCS Page.  This provides information to the ES office and then to teachers.


Allergy Awareness

CCS is moving towards choosing healthy treats for our students.  Candy is not usually allowed in 1B, except on very rare occasions.  Please don't send candy in lunches or snacks.  CCS is an entirely nut free zone.  We have several students (and 1 teacher!) in our Class with allergies!



Some parents wish to send in a treat for their child’s birthday.  We have several students (and one teacher!) with significant dietary restrictions and so unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate sweet treats for birthdays. If you would like to send something to celebrate your child's birthday, we ask that you consider buying a book for our classroom. We really appreciate this healthier, more permanent option!



Email is by far the easiest way to reach me. I check my email daily at 8:15 and try to check it periodically during the day. Phoning works too, but please be aware that I may not get your voice mails until late in the day. If you need to get a message to me of an urgent nature, do try emailing. If you don't hear a reply from me in time, please call the office and ask for a message to be sent to me in the classroom.

I send a lot of information home using the website/app SeeSaw.  Information on accessing SeeSaw will come home in the first few days of school.


Daily Schedule

Please note that school entry happens beginning at 8:25, and then teaching begins at 8:35.  It’s really important that your child is in school and ready to learn at that time.  



1B students are dismissed from the North doors, near our classroom.  They are released onto the playground at 3:30, and you must collect them before 3:40.  Friday dismissal is at 1:45.  Please do not routinely enter the building to drop off collect your child from the hallway, as we are quite tight for space in this area.  If you wish them to meet you elsewhere (ie:  near the parking lot, at a different entrance) it would help for you to practice this with them a few times.  During the first week I will help students to find their buses.  If you have an older child who rides the same bus, please ask them to watch out for your Grade 1 student and help them to find their bus quickly at the end of each day.


Early (or mid day) pickup

From time to time we understand that you need to pick up your child a bit early for medical appointments, etc.  It's helpful if you email me to let me know this will be happening.  I suggest you plan to arrive a few minutes before you need to pick up your child, as you will need to report to the office, where they will call the classroom to have your child gather their things and meet you in the office.


Home Reading Program and Homework

The Home Reading program is an important component of our Grade One program.  In 1B, Home Reading is the main homework program.  From time to time, other work may come home with your child if they need a little extra time to finish up.  Home reading will begin in late September.


Hot Lunches

Hot Lunch program will be on Wednesdays, and will be using an online sign up this year.  Please see the information that comes home regarding signing up for this program.


Library Day

1B will have their library day on THURSDAYS.  Please encourage your child to be responsible for having their books back to school on this day.



We have a microwave in our classroom.  There is a schedule for the use of the microwave to help make sure that everyone has enough time to eat. If your child brings food to be microwaved on a day when they aren’t scheduled they will usually not have time to warm up their food!  (Consider approximately 2 minutes per user... and our lunch break is only 20 minutes long!)

Girls:  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Boys:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays



Newsletters will come home monthly via email and be posted to my website for your reference. 


Scholastic Book Orders

We regularly send home Scholastic Book orders.  Cheques can be made out to “Scholastic”.  Instructions for how to order and pay online are found at https://parentpay.scholastic.ca/pay (look for Mrs. Grace Ermter's name to make your order).  A small percentage of some Scholastic purchases is credited back to the class and used to purchase class materials.



If you make alternate arrangements for your child to get home please inform us with either a note or by a phone message to the office so we can ensure they are safe.



Parent Volunteers are REALLY important people in our class!  I will be using Signup Genius (the school's online resource) to plan volunteer schedules.  Check out the "Volunteer in 1B" tab for more information. 


Water Bottles

It is important that the children each have their own water bottle to keep on their desk.  We will send them home at the end of each week to be washed, please return them at the beginning of the following week.



Please feel free to email Mrs. Bowen if you have any questions.